Read Think Learn Education Hub – Small Group Tuition

At Read Think Learn Education Hub, we provide Small Group Tuition. We are a group of experienced teachers and educators that provides high quality tuition to students. We constantly work with industry experts to deliver results and quality learning. After working in the industry for over ten years, a few of us decided to work together to provide a one stop solution for students that needed help in different subjects. We like to motivate our students to do better and ensure that they have fun learning. As an education hub, we prioritize improvement and quality lessons. In order to benefit a larger pool of students, we started Read Think Learn Education Hub (乐). We aim to allow all our students to have fun while learning – the key to excelling and learning. Studies show that while having fun students will be able to retain more information – fun creates motivation to learn. 3 steps approach Read, Think & Learn all while having fun.

On top of that, we believe in quality over quantity, championed by our experience teachers. We set up our education hub with this value in mind – Less is More.

  1. Fewer Students = More Individual Attention
  2. Less Drilling = More Learning
  3. Fewer Distraction = More Depth


Miss Fong Bee Cheng had served the Ministry of Education in the educational fraternity for 41 years with 19 years as Principal of Primary Schools.During her service with Ministry of Education, she had served as a mentor to many Vice Principals attending the LEP Course at NIE and had led these Vice Principals for learning journeys to United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, South Korea and China to learn the different educational administration systems from these overseas experiences. With her leadership we will provide quality and exciting programs for our students. Learning techniques will be challenged and designed to suit each and every child that joins Read Think Learn Education Hub.

Read Think Learn Education Hub.