June Holiday Program Conclusion

It was a fun and fruitful course for our young scientist. We have successfully concluded the first edition of our Foldscope June Holiday Program. Below is a summary of what we had covered and of course some pictures too.

  1. How to successfully make and operate a Foldscope
  2. How to view and collect samples
  3. Plants and Insects
  4. Water (Potable vs Non-Potable resources)
  5. Flowering plants and Non Flowering Plants
  6. “Do” and “Donts” when collecting samples for Foldscope

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June Holiday Foldscope Programme

  • Date: 10th-14th June 2019 (Mon-Fri)
  • Time: 1pm-3pm
  • Field Experiments & How to Operate a Foldscope
  • Cost: $230 (Inclusive of Foldscope Individual Deluxe Kit)

Course Outcome: Students to have fun and successfully operate a foldscope. Able to identify certain organisms in the microscopic world and understand how it will affect our day to day lives. Organisms identified are part of their current MOE Science syllabus. This will help them to gain insights and enhance their curiosity towards those topics.

Syllabus: Plants and Reproduction, Insects and Body Segments & Water Related Topics

A sneak peek into what they can see: Seaweed-associated bacteria playing their part in the aquatic ecosystem.


Read Think Learn Education is partnering with Foldscope to bring the microscopic world to students and children in Singapore. It will be a fascinating learning experience for each and everyone. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see wonderful and mysterious pictures created by our students who are using the Foldscope.

Join in the fun and get your very own Foldscope for just S$34.99! Drop us an enquiry or visit us for more information. We look forward to creating and exploring a whole new microscopic world at your fingertips!

Foldscope: An Origami-Based Microscope

Foldscope is an ultra-affordable field microscope, that you can build from common materials such as paper. It is designed to be produced affordably, to be durable, and to give optical quality similar to conventional research microscopes. With magnification of 140X and imaging resolution of 2 micron; Foldscope brings microscopy to new places, be it your kitchen or a mountain top. Compatible with almost all camera phones.

How to Assemble Your Own Foldscope?

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