Student Care at Boon Keng / Kallang


Our After School Care programme at Boon Keng is carefully crafted to suit the needs of modern families and their children. We provide the care and encouragement needed for each child as they grow – learning skills and soft skills (leadership, teamwork and public speaking) will be imparted to them. We will teach and ensure that they can succeed in carrying out day to day activities. We provide homework guidance and enrichment programs to help your child excel in their academics. It will be filled with fun activities for all. After school care program at Read Think Learn Education Hub will provide your child the added edge in life as they grow older.

Schedule for Download:
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Provide Students Care / After School Care to Neighbouring Schools:
Hong Wen Primary School
St Andrews Junior School
Bendemeer Primary School
Geylang Methodist Primary School
St margarets Primary school

Excursion June 2022
JUNE HOLIDAYS are here, time to catch up with semester 1 revision topics and academic subjects. However, it is equally important to have some fun. At Read Think Learn Education Hub, we aim to balance both academic and holistic learning of the children. Thus, we have thematic education programmes like farming and sustainability. This June, we visited local farms and visited greenhouses. Students learned about growing their own crops and elements of urban farms. It was an enriching experience, as there were many hands-on activities at the various farms which greatly enhance and complement the thematic education programmes that we have been trying to impart to the students. That month, we took home both theoretical and practical experiences that are so valuable in the learning journey of the students.

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End of Year Programmes and Christmas Party 2021

Once again, we will like to give a big thank you to our supportive Parents for the love and care given to us -Teachers, Staffs and Students. We welcome our newly minted P1 students to the BIG, HAPPY FAMILY too. We have lined up a series of events and programmes to help them assimilate into our culture. Through these fun activities, they will get a chance to mingle and befriend the children who are here before them, easing them into their primary education.

Additionally, not forgetting the yearly Christmas Party, where children get together to celebrate the successful year of progression in their primary education. Children exchanged presents and have their scrumptious feast. Lots of bonding and wonderful memories created. Hope these memories created will always be part of their childhood.

Coming Towards The End Of 2020

It has been a hectic but unique year as our students at Read Think Learn Education Hub resiliently adapted to the various changes and measures placed upon them during this difficult pandemic year. As teachers at Read Think Learn Education Hub, we cannot be prouder of how far they had come. During this season of giving, we would like to remind them that they are our precious little ones and we will continue to guide and help them with challenges they face in school or in life.

Similarly, we would like to express our gratitude towards our parents who have constantly and continuously supported our operations and adhering to the safety measures put in place. We are glad that we are moving into Phase 3 and we hope that the students can move about more freely, as we continue to stay vigilant.

Now, let us look ahead to a better 2021 as we continue our journey with all our students. We will continue to learn to excel and overcome the challenges we might face along the way. Let us be thankful for what we have achieved in the year of 2020 and we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Resuming Our Student Care

After School Student Care Service is now opened! We have resumed our after school care service in Phase 2 with all necessary precautions and measures in place. Students were guided on how to look after their personal hygiene and ways to keep their area clean. We will ensure that Read Think Learn Education Hub is a safe environment for our students to learn and continue with their daily lives.

We are excited to see our students again and we hope to welcome everyone who are looking for a fun and modern family oriented after school care.

Some precautions to take note:

1. Safe distance of 1 metre apart or a classroom of maximum 5 students.
2. Wearing of mask at all times within the centre (air-conditioned rooms to ensure a comfortable environment even with mask worn)
3. Washing of hands with soap and face upon arrival
4. Temperature taking exercise upon arrival and going home
5. Parents are not allowed to enter the centre (press bell for pick up and drop off)

Stay Safe, Keep Learning

December Holiday

We will like wish all students and family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We had fun celebrating Christmas together at Read Think Learn Education Hub. We had gift exchanges and delicious yummy food kindly sponsored by the students’ parents. They were very generous and the children enjoyed themselves alot. We will like express our gratitude for their kindness and help. We are approaching the end of 2019 and we will be reflecting on our journey thus far. We had a great year but we will strive for more. We hope to further improve our programmes and enhance our learning journey with all our students. Stay tune for more exciting updates and new learning methods as we begin to introduce play-base learning for our students. We hope to make learning fun again with excitement and curiosity from the kids.

Yay!! Read Think Learn After School Care celebrates the end of the term with a long and well deserved break for the students.  Many of them had done well for their end of year examinations and for those who didnt, we will continue to work with them this holiday. Most importantly they do not give up and continue to strive harder. Of course no holiday is complete without fun and games. We brought them to Kidz Amaze and it was indeed exhilarating. The students got to sweat it out and enjoyed themselves.

Children Day Celebration

We celebrated Children Day with some fun and  games. Hope our children like their Children Day Gifts too – cute lamps that can help them be a little braver in the dark and we hope that it will always guide them along the way.

Children Day

A Visit to the Bird Park (September Holidays)

“We are free as birds!”  a quote by a student. During the September holiday we had lots of fun. We had our holiday tradition of going for an excursion. This time round we make a trip to the Bird Park. We learned about different species of penguin (from the smallest to the biggest). We conquered the suspension bridge that brought us to the promise land and shared our laughter as we walk through it. We saw many other kinds of birds (but penguin was still the highlight), and tried our best to learn about them.

We continued our learning journey and understand the importance of recycling and protecting Mother Earth through our feathered friends. “If the parrots can do it, so can we!”  A lesson learned is a knowledge gain. We do hope they continue to explore the world and learn beyond the classrooms. 

And soon, it was time to go home, but one last final play before we wrap up our adventurous trip to the Bird Park. Until next time!


Teachers Day Celebration

We ended term 3 by celebrating Teachers’ Day. We are very thankful as our students are constantly showing their appreciation to our teachers. Presents and gifts were presented to each and everyone of them. Our teachers will like to express their heartfelt gratitude towards our students for their kind gesture (these little actions really touch the heart of our teachers).

teachers day image.jpeg

It was a hectic term and now is the start of September Holidays. We will be planning some fun activities for the children to unwind and relax. It will be a fun and interesting week ahead!

National Day Celebration

Let us all celebrate Singapore’s 54th Birthday! Dressed in red and some white, the kids had fun as we had a mini gathering. After devouring our party snakes, we proceed to make our National Day Cards! We made colourful fighter planes that protects the sky of our beloved Singapore. We like to wish Singapore a Happy Birthday!

June Holiday Conclusion

We concluded our fun filled June Holiday with a trip to Singapore Discovery Centre. The children had fun learning about the past and present of Singapore – what make us who we are today and what we can do for the future. It was a great learning experience. We are grateful for the wonderful tour conducted by Singapore Discovery Centre and the children had a lot of fun.

On top of that we had our science discovery month. Whereby the children got to attend a course on the microscopic world. Armed with their Foldscope, they explore their surroundings with a microscopic view of 140X times. It was a fruitful learning experience as we explore topics like plants, insects and bacteria. A good insight into what they will learn in school. Next we gear ourselves towards term 3 and we want it to be equally fun and engaging for the children.

Past Activities

June Holiday 2019 School Program (Let the Fun Begin)

We have successfully conclude term 2 of 2019.  Primary 1 students have now successfully assimilate into their respective primary education. We are grateful and thankful that the students have done very well coming to terms with school and school homework. We as parents and teachers are proud of their achievement.  Now is time to relax and have some fun. We at Read Think Learn Education Hub believe strongly in having a balance education for the children.

This June holiday we have catered for the students to have fun and to successfully operate a foldscope (paper-based origami microscope).  They will be using this to identify certain organisms in the microscopic world (sneak peak below) and understand how it will affect our day to day lives. This will help them to gain insights and enhance their curiosity towards science and other related topics. Excursions and day trips are planned to enhance this entire learning experience. It will be a fun filled June Holiday! We cant wait for it to get started. (:

March Holiday School Program

Let us conclude a wonderful term for our students.  The Primary One Students has successfully adapted to school and our after school care programme. Spelling and homework are being completed on time with much success. Now its time for a well deserved break – The March Holidays! We will be exploring cultures and traditions from across the globe. This will teach our students to respect other culture and make friends with each and everyone of them.

Lastly, we will be heading outdoors on Friday as well. A short trip to a place of attraction. Excited to find out more? Drop us a call or email.

January School Reopen

Let us welcome our new batch of Primary One Students! It will be the beginning of their primary education. They will learn new knowledge, make new friends and learn more about themselves. There will be highs and lows. Teachers at Read Think Learn Education Hub will be helping them to get use to work and learning. It will be a fun and joyous period for our students.

And for the older kids, let us continue to work hard and learn smart. It will be another fun year with all of you.

December Holiday 

December Holiday Fun camp from 7.30am – 6.30pm for a full day programme.  Or half day programme from 7.30am – 1.00pm (1st Session) / 1.30pm – 6.30pm (2nd Session).  Summation of whole year topic (base on school syllabus), evaluation of  individual progress. What to take note of and what to work on during the December holiday. Theme for this holiday will be to focus on public speaking and group discussion. This will allow students to express their opinion confidently. It will be beneficial for their oral presentation and real life speech.

Bridging programme for our Primary 1 students for academic year 2019. Teaching them to become independent students as they embark on their primary education journey. The older students, their “Brothers and Sisters” at Read Think Learn Education Hub will welcome them with open hearts and help them adapt to their new environment. It will be a fun and meaningful learning experience for everyone

Christmas – Appreciating our love ones! 

Students makings Christmas cards for theirs love ones. Students are encourage to show their appreciation and love by writing a letter/note/card. A festive season to enjoy family and friends.

Our Young Scientists visit the Science Center! (

We had an adventurous time being an explorer at the science center.  We learnt about wonderful Earth and how climate change can impact our lives. We had an important take away, “Protect Earth through conservation and the need to minimise pollution”.

Fun day out at National Gallery Singapore!

September Holiday

September Holiday Bootcamp from 7.30am – 6.30pm for a full day programme.  Or half day programme from 7.30am – 1.00pm (1st Session) / 1.30pm – 6.30pm (2nd Session). Revision for Term 3 Topics. Celebration of children day and teachers’ day.

June Holidays 

June Holiday Bootcamp from 7.30am – 6.30pm for a full day programme.  Or half day programme from 7.30am – 1.00pm (1st Session) / 1.30pm – 6.30pm (2nd Session).  We be doing revision for topics that are cover in the first half of the year (according to school syllabus). On top of that we will have cultural appreciation and newspaper articles discussion. This will allow students to be aware of other culture in Singapore and how to live together with harmony. As for the newspaper articles, it will allow the students to be aware of incidents that are currently happening in Singapore and around the world.

March Holidays

Nowhere to go during March School Holidays 2018? Join us for our March Holiday Student Care Bootcamp from 7.30am – 6.30pm for a full day programme. Or half day programme from 7.30am – 1.00pm (1st Session) / 1.30pm – 6.30pm (2nd Session). We will be doing thematic learning this March Holiday. Learning will be fun and children will learn to explore the wonders of our world. On top of that, we provide homework guidance and enrichment programs to help your child excel in their academics and day to day activities. It will be filled with fun activities for all.