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  1. Mr Mathew Lim  – Secondary Science and Junior College Chemistry mr mathew lim
  • Bachelor Degree of Science (NUS)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education (NIE)
  • Head of Department for Science (MOE School)
  • More than 30 years of Teaching Experience
  • MOE Excellence Awards (MOE Innergy award)

After teaching for more then 30 years, I will be able to pinpoint the strength and weakness of each individual student. I believe in working with the students to tackle any obstacles that come in their way. Students will be constantly encouraged and motivated to do better. I have a proven track record that will be a plus to all my students. My lessons will be captivating and interesting. Concepts will be taught and well explained in class before attempting practice questions. Lets work towards an A!

2. Mr Alwyn – Secondary Mathematics and Junior College Physicsmr alwyn

  • Bachelor Degree of Engineering and Business Adminstraion (NUS)
  • Physics tutor with 10 years experience
  • Authoring for Marshall Cavendish (O Levels, IGCSE, A Levels)
  • Editor of books for Cambridge, Janison and Marshall Cavendish
  • Chief Content Curator for adaptive learning systems Cerebry and SmartJen

As a teacher, it is my desire to make Physics and Mathematics easy for every student. By marrying the latest technologies in education with dedicated teaching, it is possible to provide every student with personalised attention, and focus on specific areas of weakness. There will be a lot of focus on improvement and students will be able to understand key concepts better. With the right guidance students will be able to Ace their examination.

3. Mr Ooi – Primary Science and Mathematicswhatsapp-image-2019-06-07-at-11.29.18-am-e1560569601801.jpeg

  • Bachelor of Business (NUS)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education (NIE)
  • 16 Years of PSLE Marking Experience (MOE)
  • More then 20 Years of Teaching Experience
  • Senior Teacher from 2013 (MOE)

Learning can be enjoyable for students. They should not be afraid to make mistakes but instead do their best to learn from it. Constantly seeking improvement should be the key aspect of learning. Lessons in class will be captivating and interesting to capture student’s attention. On top of that, Mathematics and Science require a lot of practice and understanding of key concepts. Lessons should be captivating so as to capture their attention.

4. Ms Seah – Primary and Secondary Chinesems seah

  • Bachelor Degree of Chinese Language and Literature (NTU)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education
  • More then 30 years of Teaching Experience
  • Senior Teacher from 1996 (MOE)
  • MOE Excellence Awards (MOE Innergy award)

Being a senior teacher for many years, I am able to adapt and provide teaching styles that suit the learning needs of the students. Each and every student might have different learning ability. Therefore is it important to carter a dynamic yet personalise learning environment to suit them. Encouraging them to speak Mandarin will be a good start to the language, I will make learning fun. 大处着眼, 小处着手

5. Ms Liyan – Preschool and Primary Chinesems li yan

  • Diploma in Chinese Language
  • 4 Years of Teaching Experience
  • Judge for Singapore Government High School Speech Contest
  • Registered MOE Teacher

I enjoy teaching Chinese and working with younger students. It is important to establish a strong foundation from a young age. We need to create the love for the Mandarin Language, therefore I always try to make use of fun and interesting methods to engage the students. By doing so, it allows the students to enjoy the entire process of learning and gaining knowledge. 学以致用

6. Ms Dawn – Preschool Phonics, English and Mathematicsms dawn

  • Diploma in Early Childhood (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)
  • 5 Years of Teaching Experience
  • Ex Preschool Teacher
  • After School Care Teacher

I have great passion in teaching and imparting knowledge to my students. Graduating with diploma in Early Childhood Education had allowed me to gain experiences in working with children of varies age groups and observing their different learning styles. I believe that they are curious little ones who should have the environment to allow for exploration and learning. Learning should not only be associated with paper and pencil, but also with things they see/do every day. It is always a pleasure to see that my students are enjoying themselves and learning at the same time.

7. Mr Chew – Primary and Secondary English

  • Bachelor Degree in Business Administration
  • 5 Years of Teaching Experience
  • Aces for A-Level GP and O-Level English

Being a tutor for over 5 years have helped me improve my teaching methods to suit the needs of each individual student. We have different ideas and styles. Therefore it is my responsibility to help the students create a well articulated essay that is of quality. English is my forte as I have a strong interest in the language. I believe that with the right coaching and passion, I can help students achieve better results and master the flair of using good English.

8.  Ms Das – Secondary English and General Paper

  • Degree in Accountancy
  • 12 Years of Teaching Experience
  • 2 Years as a Polytechnic Lecturer
  • English Specialist for Secondary and Polytechnic level

Writing and learning the flair for English should be fun and colourful. English is a subject where students can beautifully express their thoughts and creativity. Learning to draft proper letters and articles will be beneficial to the students when they enter the working work. There are techniques and skills to look out for when writing an essay or doing a comprehension passage. With the right tools students will generally see improvement in their grades.