Read Think Learn Education Hub – Secondary Tuition

We provide small group tuition for Secondary 1 to Secondary 5 students. We have classes for most of the core subjects ranging from English, Chinese, Mathematics (Elementary Mathematics & Additional Mathematics) Science ( Biology, Chemistry & Physics). We have highly trained teachers to help guide and engage the students’ learning.  These teachers will be familiar with the school syllabus and thus able to capture the key concepts. Classroom discussion and dynamic learning will be part of the course program. This ensure that students are given the opportunity to engage and share knowledge among their peers. Lessons will be interactive to facilitate better learning.

Similarly, teacher to student ratio will be kept at 1 Teacher: 8 Students. Students will be constantly challenged to learn beyond so as to satisfy their curiosity. With our educators and specialist at helm, we  constantly engage our primary school students to ensure that they are highly motivated when learning. Therefore at Read Think Learn Education Hub, we we pledge to teach with passion. With that – learning will never be the same again with our new found formula.

Some of Secondary Enrichment Programmes we provide:

1. English
2. Chinese
3. Mathematics
4. Additional Mathematics
5. Elementary Mathematics
6. Science
7. Biology
8. Physics
9. Chemistry
10. Combine Sciences