Teacher Dawn has over 5 years of working experience as a preschool teacher. She works mostly with younger children and toddlers, to help guide and teach them.

Fun learning experience with Learn It Right Phonics. Phonics play a fundamental importance to your child early years of education in terms of reading and corresponding with others. We wish to ensure that every child is well verse with reading so that they are able to be independent learners when comes reading and understanding instructions. We have our in house materials and experienced tutor to guide and teach your child. Call us today for a free assessment and trial class to see our teacher in action and faze away by our young readers.

After learning the fundamentals of reading, students will advance to Primary One Preparatory Classes. These classes will prepare your child for their Primary Education. Our lessons consists of both English and Mathematics. These programmes are in line with the latest MOE syllabus to help students cope with their primary education.

Program Structure 

(Level 1) Sounds of letters and vowels will be taught to ensure proper reading skills and pronunciation.

(Level 2) Blending of short and long syllabus to form words and improve reading ability.

(Level 3) Recognise sounds and syllabus to help with spelling and writing.

(Level 4) Use of Grammar, Vocabulary and proper Sentence structuring.


P1 Preparatory Classes

Course Syllabus (MATHEMATICS):

Numbers Addition & Subtraction Measures Word Problems
Numbers 0 to 10 Addition within 10 Shapes & Sizes Simple Addition
Number Bonds Subtraction within 10 Patterns Addition Stories
Comparing numbers Numbers within 20 Length Addition Word Problems
Number Sequence Length Mass Simple Subtraction
Ordinal Numbers Mass Graphs Subtraction Stories
Numbers to 20 Money Time Subtraction Word Problems
Numbers to 50 Money Multiplication

Course Syllabus (ENGLISH):

Grammar Vocabulary Comprehension Writing
Common & proper nouns Gender Sequencing Word order
Singular & plural nonus Occupations Classifying Completing sentences
Countable & uncountable nouns People & places Information gathering Ordering sentences
Personal pronouns Parents & their young Following instructions Sentence extension
Possessive adjectives Country, people & languages Inferring Guided story writing
Verbs ‘to be’ Sounds Graphic Stimulus Creative writing
Simple present tense Collective nouns Sentence cloze
Adjectives Classifications Multiple choice
Prepositions Homes Open-ended
Adverbs Antonyms
Connectors Synonyms
Question words Word Substitution