3. Butterfly Leg Specimen, ever wonder how a butterfly leg look like? Below is an attached photo of a butterfly leg under a microscopic view. Each leg has tiny hook like structures.

Butterfly Leg


2. Bird Nest Fern-Spores, plant reproductive cells which are found on the under side of the leaf. Under the eye of a foldscope you can see the structure of a single spore. Spores are reproductive cells of non flowering plants. These spores are tiny and light as they are normally being dispersed by wind.

Fern Spores


1. Seaweed-associated bacteria playing their part in the aquatic ecosystem. Micro-organism feeding. Using a foldscope you will be able to look at bacteria and parasites living in the water. This will be crucial in countries where potable water is scarce.


Watch this space as we share interesting pictures and summary of things we see in the microscopic world. Look through the lens of our Foldscope and see if you can guess what and where are they from.