P6 Boot Camp for March Holiday. 2 Sessions of 3 Hours (Mathematics & Science)

Lessons will be conducted by our in house teacher, Mr Ooi, using in house materials. He is an experience tutor with at least twenty years of teaching experience. Being an ex moe-senior teacher and PSLE marker he will be able to clearly identify the area that the child need to work on. He can give valuable pointers and tips on how to tackle PSLE questions. (Small Group Size, 7 pax in a class)
View his profile by clicking on the link here. 

For Science (3 Hours Session) it will cover a range of topics on how to answer experimental type of science questions, covering concepts like:

– Change and Measured Variable
– Objective of Experiment
– 2 Steps Pattern Statement
– Fair test
– Control experiment
– How to use data from experiment to explain science concepts using:
(Choice, Evidence and Scientific analysis)

As for Mathematics (3 Hours Session) it will cover a range of heuristic concepts for Paper 2, these includes:

– Repeated identity
– Equal Fractions
– External Unchanged
– Internal transfer
– Total Unchanged
– Constant difference

*Topics covered will be ratio percentage and fraction

P6 Boot Camp
Mathematics and Science PSLE Boot Camp, 3 hours / session! Fee: $65/Session

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